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Adguard Web Filter free download for windows 7


Adguard Web Filter 5.10.2037.6352

All Performer & World's Best Ad Blocker, Adguard Web Filter

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Adguard Web Filter 5.10.2037.6352

Adguard Web Filter Review:

 There are infinite ways to infect your system with malware when you are online, the best of them being ads and redirections to malicious websites. Adguard Web Filter is one such application that solves all such problems, once and for all. It is adaptive, intelligent and gives that extra effort required to really block those annoying ads and ruining your online experience. There is a bundle of features that also protects your computer from malware set out to infect your settings through pop-up ads and transparent overlays on actual links.


 The crucial part of any ad blocker is to disable any request emerging from your webpage to ad materials by disabling scripts and banners. Adguard can not just disable or break these requests, but also completely removes them from your webpage after these links and requests are broken. This is done by applying a cosmetic processing of the entire web page using CSS and then again representing it to you. The next amazing part is that most of the ad elements are recognized at the network level from the embedded HTML script and therefore, even before the web page is loaded, Adguard Web Filter filters them out and only gets you the actual content of the site.


 The compatibility of any ad blocker comes from the stats of the number of web browser it supports, the  support for browsers and not operating systems more like a plugin and resource dependencies. 
 - Adguard Web Filter is based entirely for Windows OS till 8.1.
 - It supports all major browsers irrespective of their search engine, that is, gecko, webkit or any other. It is compatible with Yandex, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and works equally well in all of them.


 Adguard Web Filter is not just a generic ad blocker, but also protects you from virus ads by matching the ad requests with a database of over 1.5 million malicious and phishing websites. This provides extra protection from potential virus threats that can cause severe damage to your system by changing settings and corrupting registry. This software is also applicable to other applications like Skype, uTorrent and a few others that are mostly targeted by ad creators.
Adguard Web Filter is currently offered as a trial version for just 14 days. The recently released stable version is 5.10. The download begins with installing a DOS installer of 383 kB.

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